How long does a jury take to reach a verdict?

Jul 2019

In a case I did last week the jury took about 15 minutes to acquit my client. Whilst I too would have found my client not guilty, I was surprised at the swiftness of the verdict because all 12 jurors had to agree on the verdict. Clients in the Crown Court often ask how long

Breach of s.179 Planning Enforcement Notice.

Jun 2019

Breach of s.179 Planning Enforcement Notice. R v L: Harrow Crown Court. This case is a good illustration of how a barrister needs to have a good grasp of the facts, the relevant law, and to have a poker face. And why people should find a lawyer who knows his or her stuff. In this

Trafficking and Rape Case

Apr 2019

I was instructed in to represent a young man who was one of 22 defendants alleged to be involved in more than 80 offences involving the trafficking and serious sexual abuse of girls. There were a total of 247 witnesses giving 28,000 pages of evidence. The case was one of the largest, most sensitive and

Shotgun Conspiracy and DNA transfer

Apr 2019

R v X, Harrow Crown Court, April 2019: After a string of fraud cases, I was instructed in a case alleging conspiracy to possess shotguns. The case hinged on DNA evidence. DNA evidence is often used in criminal cases, see for example, where it has been used in murder cases – R v P. In

2018: 35-Week Fraud Trial

Nov 2018

For most of 2018 I defended the principal defendant in a 35-week fraud trial at Southwark Crown Court.  This complex case arose from the largest ever investigation carried out by the Immigration Enforcement’s Criminal and Financial Investigation department. The case threw up all sorts of legal issues, such as Legal Professional Privilege, disclosure, the manipulation

Cocaine Conspiracy Defence Success

Jan 2018

I represented KS who was accused of being involved in a massive conspiracy to supply cocaine. After a six-week trial, KS was the only defendant to be acquitted. The co-defendants received a total of 116 years’ imprisonment.  

Prosecution of Leading Breast Surgeon

Apr 2017

Although a defence barrister, I was instructed to advise pre-charge and then to prosecute in the case of Ian Paterson who was convicted of carrying out unnecessary operations on patients and received a sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment. This was a one-off case involving complicated medical and criminal issues brought against one of the country’s leading

Representing TOWIE’s Michael Hassini

Dec 2016

I represented TOWIE’s Michael Hassini who was acquitted of assaulting a custody officer at a police station.

Largest Ever Importation of Firearms into UK

Jun 2016

I defended Richard Rye at the Old Bailey in a case involving the largest ever importation of firearms into the UK.

Tax Fraud and Money Laundering Acquittal

Jan 2016

I represented a lady at the Old Bailey who was acquitted after it was alleged she ran a company and diverted money from the company into personal bank accounts in order to suppress profits and cheat HMRC of VAT, Corporation Tax and Income Tax.

Conspiracy to Murder: Not Guilty

Feb 2015

I defended Irene Smith in a conspiracy to murder case which attracted national press attention when it was suggested that Irene Smith planned with her bigamist husband to kill his other wife in order to protect a family property development. Although Irene Smith provided a false alibi and concealed clothes worn by the murderer, she was found not guilty of