Shotgun Conspiracy and DNA transfer

Apr 2019

R v X, Harrow Crown Court, April 2019: After a string of fraud cases, I was instructed in a case alleging conspiracy to possess shotguns. The case hinged on DNA evidence. DNA evidence is often used in criminal cases, see for example, where it has been used in murder cases – R v P. In

Prosecution of Leading Breast Surgeon

Apr 2017

Although a defence barrister, I was instructed to advise pre-charge and then to prosecute in the case of Ian Paterson who was convicted of carrying out unnecessary operations on patients and received a sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment. This was a one-off case involving complicated medical and criminal issues brought against one of the country’s leading

Largest Ever Importation of Firearms into UK

Jun 2016

I defended Richard Rye at the Old Bailey in a case involving the largest ever importation of firearms into the UK.