Individuals and solicitors often instruct me to advise and defend in cases involving allegations of a sexual nature because of my special expertise in these cases. I appreciate the stress and worry these sensitive cases cause for all concerned, and have the training and experience to guide you through the process. Though I offer a calm and perceptive approach to a case, I am always determined to work with clients to secure the best possible outcome.

I was one of the first specilaist rape prosecutors to be appointed but I am now in demand as an expert in defending these cases. My reputation led me to being asked to comment on rape trials on Radio 4’s current affairs programme More Or Less.

Below are some expamples of cases I’ve done:

R v C: This young man was one of 22 defendants allegedly involved in more than 80 offences involving trafficking and the most serious sexual abuse. I successfully applied for the case to be stayed (i.e. stopped) as an abuse of process. The prosecution appealed to the Court of Appeal. I won the appeal and my client was then declared not guilty of all charges. The case involved 247 witnesses and some 28,000 page of evidence.

R v M: I defended in this child abuse case and pushed for disclosure of school and social service records of the complainant. It took 6 months and numerous court hearings and applications, but I persisted and eventually secured the information sought, whereupon the prosecution dropped all charges in the light of what was revealed.

R v A: I was instructed to prosecute a case involving the abuse and attempted rape of a toddler girl. The defendant was sentenced to a total of 17 years and 4 months imprisonment. See report in The Mirror.

R v M: I was instructed to prosecute this serial rapist, and secured convictions and a sentence of 23 years’ imprisonment in this rape and GBH case. See BBC report.

R v M: My client arranged a date via the Plenty of Fish dating website. His date then accused him of raping her on the way home after some consensual sexual activity. My client was acquitted at trial.

R v J: A charge of being concerned in the management of a brothel was dismissed when the Crown Court Judge accepted my arguments that at best the prosecution could prove that the defendant was employed as a security guard at a brothel, in which case he could not be said to be involved in the management of the premises.

R v O: I represented a member of the grime crew ‘Ruff Sqwad’ who was accused of raping a 15 year old schoolgirl having just performed a gig at the Prince’s Trust Urban Music Festival at Earls Court. PO was acquitted; the co-defendant was convicted. See report in The Mirror.

R v P : At the Old Bailey, I represented a man charged with repeated rapes. The defendant was acquitted. The defendant chose to be represented by Nick Barraclough when subsequently charged with murder (see ‘Murder’).

R v F: Control of prostitutes in a string of London ‘saunas’. The defendant admitted part of the allegations after I negotiated a basis of plea that kept my client out of prison. I subsequently represented the defendant in a 4-month drugs trial.

R v M: Prosecuted a defendant who, when armed with an imitation firearm, a bottle of whisky and a Staffordshire Bull-terrier, burst into the victim’s flat at 3 a.m. and violently raped her. Earlier that evening he had slashed the face of the victim’s boyfriend with a knife. The defendant was convicted after trial. See report in The Comet.

R v X: The defendant allegedly raped and beat his wife, whom he’d met on, the Asian marriage website. The marriage turned abusive on the honeymoon, but his wife felt trapped by the defendant, and unable to leave the marriage due to religious sensitivities and the shame it would bring upon her and her family.

R v B: A month long trial of a drug-dealer alleged to have held his victims prisoner in a flat on the Charing Cross Road from which he dispensed drugs. It was alleged he drugged, beat and raped his victims over the course of many hours, in one case filming himself having sex. Two of his victims admitted previously providing sexual favours to the defendant in return for cocaine.

R v King: A serious case I was asked to prosecute, involving the abduction and knife-point rape of an 18 year old homeless male. See the BBC report.

R v M: Instructed in the trial of a man who systematically abused numerous boys his care at a Barnardo’s home, and did so again when warden of a hostel. The case dated back to the 1970s and involved issues of fitness to plead and abuse of process due to delay.