Attempted Murder Acquittal – September 2020

Sep 2020

In one of the few trials to be listed in the country during the Covid epidemic, I represented Mr O who was accused of attempted murder and offences under the Firearms Act 1968.  It was alleged that Mr O and two others tried to kill a man by shooting him with pump-action shotguns. The prosecution

Representing TOWIE’s Michael Hassini

Dec 2016

I represented TOWIE’s Michael Hassini who was acquitted of assaulting a custody officer at a police station.

Conspiracy to Murder: Not Guilty

Feb 2015

I defended Irene Smith in a conspiracy to murder case which attracted national press attention when it was suggested that Irene Smith planned with her bigamist husband to kill his other wife in order to protect a family property development. Although Irene Smith provided a false alibi and concealed clothes worn by the murderer, she was found not guilty of