Glossary of Legal Terms

The following are a few of the acronyms and abbreviations used within the court and legal system. Although some bodies have changed their title, reference to the following can still be found:

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ABH Actual Bodily Harm
ACOP Association of Chief Officers of Probation
ACR Automatic Conditional Release
AG Attorney-General
AMO Association of Magisterial Officers
BJFCS British Juvenile and Family Courts Society
BO Bind Over
CA Court of Appeal
Court of Appeal Children Act Advisory Committee
CBA Criminal Bar Association
CCC Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)
CCMCC Central Council of Magistrates Courts Committees
CC Crown Court
CD Conditional Discharge
CJA Criminal Justice Act
CJCC Criminal Justice Consultative Council
CMJA Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association
CPC Central Probation Council
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CSA Child Support Agency
CSO Community Service Order
CWO Child Welfare Officer
DCA Department of Constitutional Affairs
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions
DTTO Drug Treatment and Testing Order
DVLA Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority
EWCA England and Wales Court of Appeal
FLA Financial Loss Allowance
FSA Financial Services Authority
GBH Grievous Bodily Harm (section 18 and 20 Offences
Against the Person Act)
HHJ His Honour Judge
HMIP Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons
HMP Her Majesty’s Prison
HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
ILEX Institute of Legal Studies
ISTD Institute for t he Study and Treatment of Delinquency
JCE Justices Chief Executive
JCS Justices Clerks Society
JCS Justices Clerks Society
JSB Judicial Studies Board
LAB Legal Aid Board
LCJ Lord Chief Justice
LJ Lord Justice
MA Magistrates Association
MC Magistrates Court
MCC Magistrates Courts Committee
MCCC Magistrates Courts Consultative Committee
MCSI HM Magistrates Courts Services Inspectorate
MPSO Money Payment Supervision Order
NACRO National Council for Rehabilitation of Offenders
NAGALRO National Association of Guardians Ad Litem and Reporting
NCCL National Council for Civil Liberties
OAPA Offences Against the Person Act 1861
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act
POCA Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
PSD Petty Sessional Division
PSR Pre-sentence Report
RIC Remand In Custody
RCJ Royal Courts of Justice
ROCB Remand On Conditional Bail
RTA Road Traffic Act/Road Traffic Accident
SEC South Eastern Circuit
SFO Serious Fraud Office
SGC Sentencing Guidelines Council
SOCA Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
STC Secure Training Centre
TDA Taking and Driving Away
TIC Taken into Consideration
YOI Young Offenders Institution