Private Fees

Nick Barraclough will gladly give an estimate of costs in all cases, and will only ever undertake work that has been agreed in advance so that costs are kept to a minimum. He does most of his work for a fixed fee, so that costs do not increase unexpectedly.

Please feel free to contact Nick directly on moc.t1529369850eerts1529369850teelf1529369850781@h1529369850guolc1529369850arrab1529369850kcin1529369850 for further details or help, or his clerks on 020 7430 7430 or moc.t1529369850eerts1529369850teelf1529369850781@s1529369850krelc1529369850.

Legal Aid

Due to Government cuts made to the Legal Aid rates payable to barristers, Nick Barraclough rarely undertakes direct access work on legal aid.

However, many clients have found that it costs less to pay a barrister privately than to pay the required monthly Legal Aid contributions. By way of example, a client eligible for legal aid with a monthly contribution of £800 per month might have to wait months for the court proceedings to be finished, meaning the client would have to pay some £3,000 to £5,000, whereas the private fees would be cost less and be payable only for work carried and there would no standing monthly charge.

This link will help you assess your eligibility for Legal Aid: