Nick Barraclough Criminal Law Barrister

Criminal Law Barrister
‘A committed and experienced advocate’.

Nick Barraclough is a barrister who specialises in representing those facing proceedings in courts and tribunals. He is a member of the Chambers of Andrew Trollope QC at 187 Fleet Street, one of London’s best criminal barristers’ chambers.

Nick’s practice is wide ranging and extensive. He gained experience fighting trials in Crown Courts throughout England and Wales, and has now proven his ability to manage voluminous and complex cases which require a strategic overview. He is increasingly sought to lead in serious and privately funded cases, though still undertakes some legal aid work.

Nick is an expert in fraud, business & white collar crime, but also regularly undertakes work involving serious organised crime, money laundering, drugs cases, rape and serious sexual allegations, and serious offences against the person. He also undertakes advisory, and appeal work, asset forfeiture and restraint, and disciplinary and regulatory work.

He has appeared as a ‘leader in the field’ for three consecutive years in Chambers and Partners Legal Directory, and is has spoken as an expert on legal matters on BBC Radio 4.

Recent work includes the following:

Nick was instructed to advise on and then to prosecute the surgeon Ian Paterson who was convicted of carrying out unnecessary operations on patients:

Nick secured the acquittal of TOWIE’s Michael Hassini.

Defended Richard Rye at the Old Bailey in a case involving the largest ever importation of firearms into the UK.

Secured the acquittal of Elizabeth Doran after it was alleged she ran a company and diverted money from the company into personal bank accounts in order to suppress profits and cheat HMRC of VAT, Corporation Tax and Income Tax.

Nick defended Irene Smith in a conspiracy to murder case which attracted national press attention when it was suggested that Irene Smith planned with her bigamist husband to kill his other wife in order to protect a family property development. Although Irene Smith provided a false alibi and concealed clothes worn by the murderer, she was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder. Nick Barraclough argued to secure the minimum sentence for her when she was convicted on less serious offences.

Bournemouth Echo Article
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Nick was instructed to prosecute a case involving the horrific absue and attempted rape of a toddler girl. The defendant was sentenced to a total of 17 years and 4 months imprisonment.

R v LE, Newport Crown Court: Nick is instructed to defend in this ‘Crash for Cash’ conspiracy to defraud case which, with 86 defendants, is said to be the largest case ever in the Crown Court.
86 People in Crash for Cash Insurance Conspiracy, The Guardian

R v TC: Cardif Crown Court: Nick represented the first defendant in this case which was the subject of a BBC Scambusers programme.
BBC News Website
Pitiless Gang Preyed on Elderly Victims, South Wales Evening Post

Rv D: Instructed to defend in this ‘slavery’ case that attracted national press attention.
BBC News Website

R v TC: Luton Crown Court, Nick led the defence team for Tommy Connors Junior, one of the main defendants in a 3 month trial at Luton Crown Court which broke legal ground and attracted national and international press attention as one of the country’s first ever ‘slavery’ prosecutions. After two hard-fought trials, his client was acquitted of all charges, though others were convicted.
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BBC News Website

R v Hussain: Secured the only not guilty verdict in a £5.5 million Class A drug importation case at Chelmsford Crown Court.

R v Pomeroy at Manchester Crown Court: A serious and sophisticated fraud with a potential loss of £20million in which Nick Barraclough represented the main defendant. The defendant wished to plead guilty and Nick Barraclough conducted the plea, sentence, and confiscation proceedings.
Oldham Men Jailed for 3M Elaborate Fraud, Greater Manchester News

R v GM: Nick Barraclough prosecuted the Luton serial rapist who was sentenced to 23 years’ imprisonment: